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At art college I found my forte, because in those days, unlike now, drawing from observation was seen as the cornerstone of art eduction. I went on to specialise in painting. The course I followed focused on the creation of large scale paintings designed for specific locations - the largest I remember doing was 16ft long.  I graduated with distinction, and the nature of the training i received, and its focus on drawing, has enabled me at different times in my career to work in a variey of fields of art and to work at different extremes of scale. For instance, as illustrator and designer for Crummles Enamels the work was very small and detailed. Over the years I also worked for two other giftware companies and a decorated tile manufacturer. I have produced book-cover illustrations and over many years i created illustrations for an advertising agency. All a long time ago!

However, my real interest lies in figure and portraiture and i have subsequently focused much of my energies on this. I have exhibited at many events showing on the spot demonstrations. Conveying the individuality in every face has always been a fascination, in this way i have produced portraits for countless satisfied customers.
Although my work was largely centered round the south of England, i have sold drawings to customers in other parts of the world. When i had the opportunity of visiting Australia, i drew at lots of lovely locations there, where my portraits were met with the same appreciation. I now live with my husband in Poole, Dorset, UK & teach drawing one morning a week.



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