Affordable Pencil Portraits of children, babies & pets in a fresh & direct style by UK pencil portrait artist


"Love Love LOve Love ..... It's beautiful"... Debbie Roberts, USA.


"I've been browsing pencil portrait sites......Thank you for not drawing portraits of celebrities ..... Thank you for not tracing photos and abusing blending stumps. Thank you for celebrating the beautiful texture of pencil on paper. Your work is appreciated and bookmarked!" ... Ken McCarthy, Senior Designer, Nike inc.

"Thanks sally, Jane delighted with your work you've made someone very happy today" ...Lee & Jane Walters


"Dear Sally, Thank you so much!  I am absolutely thrilled with the portrait of Fleur.   It is beautiful – what a talent you have!  It’s just great and I can’t wait to give it to my husband on his birthday." ... Anna Bennett


I am blown away! It's more amazing that I could ever have imagined! Now I am without words . . .

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know it will mean the world to her.

Just wow. ;)

M. Knierim


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